Company Profile

Values and expertise

Sabelt is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of restraint systems and automotive components for the original equipment market and motorsport.
Sabelt is able to guarantee the highest level of safety and comfort, and to improve product performance through the integration of processes and optimization of the entire production cycle. The boost to innovation is investing on new technologies, new materials, new shapes and new markets; performance is supported by the search for a unique style, in line with the design of equipped vehicles.

Our values and expertise:
- Lightness
- Research & Development
- Safety
- Craftsmanship and design Made in Italy
- Cost control


The constant search for resistant and ultra-light materials allows us to offer a better car performance to the driver without compromising safety standards. On modern cars, where the power/weight ratio is particularly critical, the reduction of weight is very important. Sabelt concentrated all its efforts in R&D reaching the best results. The light strap, materials such as titanium, magnesium and aluminium, as well as new technical hardware solutions allow creation of a FIA Standard belt that weighs less than 500 grams, granting a safety level higher than the minimum required by FIA. Critically, the new solutions are granting significant weight reductions. Lightness is also a fundamental feature for the aerospace sector that we serve with the lightest seatbelts on the whole market.


Specialized engineers and professional drivers work together to develop new technologies and innovative materials. The laboratories within our company, up-to-date and technologically advanced, have a center of excellence in research and are a proof of our intention to invest in the future and to develop and produce innovative accessories and technical products in the automotive sector.
Sabelt has studied and introduced the first aluminum adjuster for safety belts. The system developed at that time, still advanced and in use today, has been reshaped to make it lighter without reducing the maximum load. It is more comfortable and faster now: a series of structural calculations has identified the less stressed areas whose release allows a reduction of weight.


The pursuit of safety has played a key role since the foundation of Sabelt. In fact we have been the first to equip the laboratories of our plant with a dynamic test, which simulates crashes and pre – homologates products for the strict automotive standards: an innovative system, prescribed by ECE and FIA regulations, useful to test the durability and solidity of the competition seat belts and seats. It allows to carry out a quality control at every stage of production and a prior approval of the products. All tests are conducted with the specific intent to not reduce in any way the level of safety, while maintaining a bigger margin to the minimum required, with outstanding performance levels, built with style and design.


Attention to details and a clean but innovative design are our distinguishing marks: the aim is to provide high-end products, in line with market needs and modelled on high functionality.
Attention to every single customer is our first objective, we create special and customized products based on specific needs, for car makers but also for racing drivers.
All components are in fact designed and engineered exclusively by Sabelt in the operational headquarters in Moncalieri, near Turin, in collaboration with external design centers or in partnership with clients car makers, to offer unmistakable Italian style products.


We have always been at the service of car manufactures, providing the best services at low cost, while maintaining the quality and efficiency of products: this is the key feature that bring us at the top of the industry.



Quality is comprehensively defined by SABELT and continuously and systematically improved in all processes.

Our Sites are ISO 9001 certified and the automotive one meet IATF 16949 standard.

SABELT is also committed to protecting the environment and the rights to health and safety of its workers and stakeholders. The Moncalieri sites are certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.