When lightness has its own weight.


Lightness, performance and above all style. Sabelt offers its customers seats in carbon fibre, glass fibre or composites, both in a single piece or modular, manufactured using the most innovative technologies. Specifically, carbon fibre, synonymous with high mechanical resistance and low weight, is the ideal solution proposed for top end car models. Carbon fibre seats offer the best performance in terms of safety combined with extreme lightness, indispensable characteristics for cars with a strong sports vocation.
For the Premium and Specialty segments, Sabelt uses RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology which makes it possible to offer top quality products, not as light as carbon fibre ones, but with excellent performance in terms of comfort and safety without renouncing style and refined design. The special "carbon" finish, an exclusive result of Sabelt's research, is obtained from RTM technology, by adding another layer of carbon fibre to the structural shell. The final result is a lightweight seat, featuring a racing look with winning finishes.
Designed for cars with a racing soul, all of the Sabelt seats have excellent structural performance and comfort, characterised by a clear racing touch, evident in the line and design of each model.