06 November 2018

2019 catalogue launch

Sabelt 2019 Catalogue has been enriched with two new significant products. The Italian company, indeed, introduces the new GT-E Seat, expressly developed for the electric vehicle Jaguar I-Pace, and the LPM Seat Belt, designed for Endurance races.

The brand new GT-E Seat is the first Sabelt seat specifically designed for the electric car Jaguar I-Pace. Directly derived from the GT-625 model used by Renault on the RS01 car, it has an ultralight carbon fiber shell homologated according to the Fia Standard 8862-2009, highstrength steel brackets to fix the seat to the car chassis and to lock the movement without preventing height adjustment and seatback inclination. The new GT-E Seat cover has an impact absorber and memory foam along the most stressed areas. It also has a fireproof cover enriched with light blue seams and light blue embroidery: the same colour used by Jaguar for its “green” products.

Sabelt, on its 2019 Catalogue, introduces also the first seat belt designed for Endurance races. The new LPM Seat Belt derives from the model used by GT Teams in Europe and around the world. In its standard configuration, the new LPM Seat Belt has numerous optionals such as the handle to tighten the houlders straps, Velcro straps to anchor the shoulders to the seat and keep them open to facilitate the driver change, the innovative intercom wire locking system, lap straps with adjustable Pull Down tongues and an Easy Entry System. The new LPM Seat Belt has been patented and derives from the Endurance buckle, with body from aluminium billet, designed in partnership with Audi and Porsche. The new LPM Seat Belt, thanks to Easy Entry System, helps the tongues insertion and has ejectors able to speed up the opening of the seat belt during the driver change. Finally, it offers a lot of customization options. As all seat belts made by Sabelt, indeed, can be made to lenght. LPM is also available with titanium ultralight tongues.